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At Panthers recap / At Chargers preview : The RaiderCast, The Voice of the Raider Nation

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Show Notes:
At Panthers recap
Raider News:
Carson Palmer, who has started all 15 games this season, has been ruled out for Week 17 against the Chargers after suffering cracked ribs and a bruised lung on Sunday against the Panthers.
The Chargers haven’t sold out a home game since November 1. Now, as the team is finishing out a meaningless string with a visit from the Raiders, enough people have bought tickets to allow the local blackout to be lifted.
In what could be the end of his run with the Raiders, Richard Seymour has been placed on injured reserve, according to Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times.
Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski did not make the Pro Bowl, despite finishing first in the fan vote. Cleveland’s Phil Dawson, who was with the Raiders in training camp in 1998, was picked by coaches and players over Janikowski
Song is “South Oakland” by Raiderhed
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Voice mails:
Sean from Kansas
Answers to The RaiderCast “Question of the week”
Raider Nation while watching not only the Raiders game but also The Fortywhiners game I noticed a lot of personnel fouls for the way tackles were made question is how do you feel about this?
A. about time they protect the players
B. give them all flags and lets call this flag football
C. The referees are clueless and they need to use instant replay for these calls
Scarface Raider
Insure Raider
Sidewinder Raiders
Jim Martin
At Chargers preview
RaiderCast news:
Check out GQ magazine issue Dec 25 with Bill Murray on the cover for the story about Violent femmes in the NFL our very on Metal Cin is featured take a look!
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Show wrap-up:
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