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Show Notes:
Vs Chargers recap
Raider News:
The Raiders announced the dismissal of coach Hue Jackson on Tuesday, the same day they introduced former Packers executive Reggie McKenzie as their new general manager. McKenzie said he made the call to fire Jackson, primarily because he wanted to hand-pick the team’s coach.
Interact with us:
Answers to The RaiderCast “Question of the week”
Nation what do you think was the best possible move for the Raiders to make
A. stay with Hue and let him decide the future
B. Find a GM to work with Hue and move on
C. Fire Hue and pay the Huge money for the big Names (gruden, Cowher or Fisher)
D. fire Hue and In Reggie I believe
Rod Easter
Chadwick C Anderson
DJ Mario
Raider Alex
Scarface Raider
Big Daddy OG
John Crippes
Insure Raider
Keith Hogan
Brian Bolanos
Michelle Wright-Hernandez
James D Morgan Jr
Rj Souza
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We are taking a break until February 24th we will have a podcast coming out sometime in the next two weeks that will feature all the sound from the New years eve party I went to with Dem boys and girls.
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