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Our needs at Linebacker : The RaiderCast, The Voice of the Raider Nation

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Show Notes:
Raider News:
Former Raiders center Barret Robbins accepted a five-year prison term on Friday for repeatedly violating his probation.
The Worst Sports Fans in America BY ADAM WINER
Song is “Black Sun” by Tha Nation
Interact with us:
Voice mails:
Raider Len
Answers to The RaiderCast “Question of the week”
If the lockout is lifted on the 6th in court which of the following Unrestricted Free Agent Raiders would you like to see the Raiders sign next? 1. Michael Huff  2. Mario Henderson 3. Ricky Brown 4.  Langston Walker 5. Thomas Howard.
Michael R. Williams
Kevin Nashiro Patterson
Raider Ran
BigDaddy OG
Sonic Raider
Greg Hernandez
Insure Raider
Our needs at Linebacker
RaiderCast news:
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Show wrap-up:
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Go Raiders!


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